May 4, 2022Liked by Sangeet Paul Choudary

I feel as energised as when I read Platform Scale for the first time.

A thing that kept popping while reading: this is essentially how the WWW operates. Not Web3 per se, just the Web. Web3 may double down on this of course, but this is as much a 'Web thesis' is a building block one, no?

Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™

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May 21, 2022ยทedited May 21, 2022

Design considerations are well articulated. i am curious on adoptor's perspective while evlauating and considering adoption of components - element of trust, sustainability, IPR, evolvability(and more) - these very considerations that force adopters to consider vertical intergation, closed solutions..

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Loved the districtions of Actor Agnostic, Context Agnostic and Governence agnostic. While designing and developing as components which are agnostic to above three distictions - i find that valuable to make the solution relevant to multiple verticals at the same time.

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